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Species Information: Felvargs

Sun Jan 15, 2017, 5:09 PM


Build - Species Details

Standard Build by Ulfrheim

Felvargs are incredibly large direwolves who at birth, are gifted with the capability to communicate in the human tongue. They are naturally thick set, but not overly so, and are very capable hunters. Their legs are well toned, and depending on their geological location, are either built to sprint across short distances with frightening speed, or run great lengths over time with incredible stamina. Their skulls are thick and solid with deep and round eye sockets set either side of a softly sloped forehead. Their jaws are typically carnivorous with larger-than-average canines used to pierce and slice through the flesh of their prey with great ease, while their back teeth appear more blunt and herbivorous to crush and grind herbs and other beneficial plant life. A felvargs toes are webbed to enhance their water mobility, and their thick, double coated fur helps regulate their body temperature in both hot and cold climates. Like all canines, felvargs pant to cool themselves down and sweat only through their paw pads. The eyesight of a felvarg is tremendous and ables them to hunt in both high and low light with no need for preference, and are undoubtedly apex predators. While felvargs are closely related to direwolves, it is wise to note that their size and build varies tremendously in size, thanks to their demi-god status blessed upon them by the god Fenrir, The All Father, who to date remains to be the largest felvarg ever seen on this world or any other - to his children, he is known as a Titan.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim The average height of a Standard build Felvarg is 130cm-160cm. The average height of a Titan build Felvargs is 180cm-230cm.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim The average weight of a standard Felvarg is between 700-800 pounds. The average weight of a Titan build Felvargs is 900-1200 pounds.


Coat types - Standard Build by UlfrheimCoat typed - Standard Build by Ulfrheim

Each build page displays the following coat types in this order. (Left to Right/Top to Bottom)

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Standard Coat - Common THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Silk Coat - Uncommon
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Arctic Coat - Uncommon THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Short Coat - Uncommon
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Savage Coat - Rare THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Curly Coat - Rare
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim  Rugged Coat - Rare THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Wisp Coat - Rare


Standard Build x Standard Build = Standard Build
Titan Build x Titan Build = Standard Build/Titan Build
Titan Build x Standard Build = Standard Build/Titan Build
Titan Build x Brute Build = Standard Build/Titan Build/Brute Build
Standard Build x Brute Build = Standard Build/Brute Build


Standard Coat x Standard Coat = Standard Coat/Small chance at other coat types
Silk/Arctic/Short/Savage/Curly/Royal/Rugged/Wisp x Standard Coat = Standard Coat/Paired Coat Type/Small chance at other coat types
Silk/Arctic/Short/Savage/Curly/Royal/Rugged/Wisp x Identical Coat = Best chance at present coat/Small chance at other coat types



Usual offspring odds are 1-4 puppies per litter.
Stone of Unakite offspring odds are 2-5 puppies per litter.


Usual offspring odds are 1-3 puppies per litter.
Stone of Unakite offspring odds are 2-4 puppies per litter.

Male and Female Characteristics

Male and female Felvargs are easily distinguishable, given that the opposite genders display a few obvious differences. Male felvargs are very heavy set with a broad chest and legs, while females tend to be more sleek in appearance and display more slender legs. Male felvargs also posess a handsome and sloping roman nose with a powerful browline, while a female's face is more dished with a straight and elegant taper to their muzzle. As one would expect, male felvargs tend to be larger in both height and weight than their female counterparts, though this does not necessarily ring true for all felvargs and a variety of large females have been recorded and noted, alongside males with a more petite build.
Diet by Ulfrheim


As one would expect, felvargs are primarily carnivorous and sustain themselves on a varied diet of meats and fish. Their prey ranges from small animals such as foxes, goats and raccoons to much larger prey animals like bears, moose and buffalo. Felvarg are also capable fishers and enjoy both salt and freshwater fish. Many felvarg also consume various beneficial herbs to aid in sickness or for other spiritual and ritual purposes, alongside homegrown produce and various berries found growing across Ulfrheim - it is important to note however, that a felvarg cannot survive solely on a herbivorous diet.

Lifespan by Ulfrheim

Lifespan and Health

Felvargs are curious creatures in that they seem to have no natural end to their life expectancy, a gift one can only assume spans from their demi-god status. In this respect, they are comparable to the fabled elves from tales of old, and only make their way to the heavens through mortal wounds or incurable illness. Because of this, many felvarg mature mentally much slower than one would expect. The first year of a felvarg's life, they are often referred to as pups or infants, and are entirely dependent on their mother for food and warmth. After surviving their first crucial twelve months, a felvarg is considered a juvenile until approximately five years of age - they spend this time learning how to track and identify dangerous plantlife and other natural hazards; by the age of five, they are expected to know how to catch and kill at least small prey animals and have basic fishing knowledge. Felvargs remain adolescents until approximately ten years of age, which is when both males and females respectfully reach sexual maturity, and by now should be independent and helpful members of their packs or family units, felvargs at this age may also choose to disperse and set out on their own given that their survival skills should have now been fully honed.

Although felvargs are immortal, they are not immune to sickness and often fall off the mortal coil through untreated illnesses if not tended to in time. Injuries may become infected and as such may also claim a life, just as a wound sustained through battle or hunting may also be the cause of an untimely death. It is important to understand that, although they are truly impressive in size and strength, felvargs are not indestructible.

Inbreeding between felvargs more often than not results in severe health problems for any surviving pups. These penalties span from deafness and/or blindness, to severe spinal deformities that render the infant practically paralyzed and indefinitely unable to fend for itself. Because of this, inbreeding is socially frowned upon and highly discommended.

Mating by Ulfrheim

Mating and Courtship

Being the noble creatures that they are, felvargs tend to take courtship very seriously and are careful to select a suitable mate. Males are often documented leaving gifts for their female suitors and the relationship will progress depending on how she feels about his choice of present. Should she accept his offering, the pair will meet face to face and engage in playful interraction spanning from mutual grooming to rough-housing or dancing. Felvargs do not necessarily mate for life, and this decision is speculated to vary from felvarg to felvarg. It has also been noted that felvarg of the same gender may court and settle down without the need or want to procreate.

Felvarg litters vary in size from one to four puppies on average, and the gestation period is approximately sixty two to seventy five days, and providing the mother is of good health, generally the birthing is easy and uncomplicated. It is commonly known that a precious stone known as Unakite may bless the mother with a larger litter of between two and five puppies when offered to the goddess Freyja as tribute.


Felvargs are generally noble and proud creatures with a deep understanding for one anothers feelings, as well as for the world around them. They are sensitive, complex and comparable to humans in a sense that they are able to feel emotions atypical to canine species, such as spite, greed, jealousy or remorse. While their moral compass is born facing greatness, the true nature of a felvarg is determined by it's upbringing and life experiences, for example, an infant raised around tragedy or neglect may grow to be cold whereas an infant raised lovingly and with great care is more likely to continue down the road to greatness.

Lang by Ulfrheim

Language and Communication

Felvarg's speak naturally in the human tongue, and this is accepted as their first spoken language. This gift was bestowed to them by Fenrir in order for them to fulfill their purpose as companions to mankind, but it is also documented that felvarg communicate with one another through a variety of expected physical cues. Felvargs communicate through tail and ear signals, as well as a wide variety of more primitive growls, barks, chuffs and howls. A snarl is communicated as anger just as wide eyed panting is communicated as fear or anxiety; generally, any typical canine body language is observed alongside their gift of speech.

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