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Guide: Activities and Requirements

Sat Oct 22, 2016, 2:54 PM


Once you have a Felvarg accepted and uploaded to the group, you may be wondering where to get started. Although they are by no means necessary for your participation within our game, activities are a fun and useful way to build your character's story while also netting some nice in-game rewards to apply to your Felvarg or exchange for Felcredits (the game currency, used to buy even more goodies from our Village Market). Normal activities have no time limit, so you can complete them at your leisure in between other work. Additional special activities feature entry windows, but don't fret if you miss out on a specific prompt -- there will always be more opportunities to enter in the future, and the prizes will vary to keep things exciting.

Getting Started

Icon White Wolf by Ulfrheim Before you participate in activities, you MUST create a tracker journal or file. Admins will use your tracker to comment and hand out your rewards. You may have one tracker for all of your Felvargs, or one tracker for each Felvarg, but make sure you have one! Go here for more details and examples of what your tracker should look like.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim You may create a bank account over at the cache prior to participating in activities, but it is not necessary. When you redeem your rewards for the first time, an account will be made for you then if you do not already have one.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Review the general activity requirements to ensure you do not put a lot of work into an entry only to have it rejected. Art and literature are both acceptable.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim After you have finished an activity piece, upload it to deviantart. You will need to include an activity form in the description, one form for each Felvarg depicted in the 
work. Once that is done, submit your deviation to the group's folders. An admin will accept it and look it over shortly!

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Before starting an activity, Review the Bartering Post for details on each activities specific requirements, which includes word count for literature.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Please be patient with the admins rolling items for you. Activities generally do not sit for long, but admins do have other things going on and they complete this work in their spare time. Additionally, keep in mind that if you feel any reward roll seems unfair, Felvargs' item roller is scripted and a log is created each time a roll has been done. Feel free to request proof that no cheating has occurred, and we will be happy to provide it.

General Activity Requirements

Icon White Wolf by Ulfrheim Although each activity has its own specific requirements, the rules below apply universally to any activity you complete. Please make sure to look over each activities specific requirements, which can be found on the Bartering Post, before you create a submission so that it meets all of the criteria.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Activity entries, regardless of type, must have a completed activity form in the description of the deviation (see the 'activity form template' below).

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each activity entry may only be submitted to the group for rewards one time. Players caught submitting multiple times will be punished; our team keeps a close eye on submissions and it is not difficult to tell when people are reusing entries. If more than one person's Felvargs are depicted in the piece, the form for each Felvarg should be included in the description of the work, but only ONE person should submit it to be rolled.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Trackers must have links to comments at the TOP of journals. Rolling admins will not scroll through comments in order to find a specific comment, and if links are not provided, they are allowed to drop the results at the top of a journal.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Collaborated entries may only be submitted to the group for rewards one time. This means that only one of you may submit the collaborated piece and only that one submission may receive rolls.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Backgrounds may be anywhere natural and fitting to our world location. Fields, mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, forests, or anything of this variety! However, you may not depict your Felvarg in an unnatural environment to the group, such as for example, on the moon; and still receive rewards for such a piece, however you're welcome to do so for fun and submit it to our MISC folder.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Any ARPG species other than Felvargs are allowed to be included in your normal activity rolls, unless stated otherwise. This rule, however, only covers normal group activities, so any specials such as: quests, hierarchy updates (HU), Passage of Courtships (PoCs), and others require species to be lore appropriate or only allow Felvargs.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Admins are NOT required to add bonuses into the roller if they are not listed on your “applicable bonus items” section of the activity form. Unless applicable bonuses are listed on the activity form, the roll will be at risk to not have applicable bonuses put in, even if your Felvarg has that item listed on their official import. Be extremely careful to add all applicable bonuses to your form so that you receive the best odds possible for your rewards.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim The Felvarg(s) depicted in your work must be focused on the task at hand. This may mean different things for different activities, using the name of the activity is a good example as to what each activity requests as far as setting goes. A good example of not being focused on the task at hand would be for example; drawing your Felvarg on a mountain with water, with no fish or aquatic like prety in sight. Another good example of an entry not focusing on the task at hand would be depicting your Felvarg chasing a butterfly (Tracking) while participating in tracking, with no acceptable prey present.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim (10/19/2017) Be mindful of where long literature RPs are broken off per submission - Entries are judged separately, so if one submission does not focus on the task, then it will be sent back for corrections, even if the next one or the one before it is fine.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Regardless of the medium, your Felvarg and any others featured should be depicted reasonably and have every marking shown. For art, all markings must be present, although they don’t have to match the exact locations and you don’t have to put in every ticked mark. It must simply be recognizable.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Felvargs cannot be too small to the point as to where you struggle to fit in the markings or where it is difficult to make them out. For literature, each Felvarg participating in the activity should be mentioned fluidly and frequently. This is determined at the roller's discretion, and if they feel the Felvargs are not present enough, the work will be sent to corrections.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Art entries must show at least 75% of the Felvarg to have the image rolled for rewards. While perspective is taken into consideration, abuse of this feature will warrant a correction. You may read more about this in detail under the “Visible Percentages Guide” which is located at the bottom of this journal.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Artwork needs to be approximately 500 x 500 pixels in size or larger. Images with a similar total pixel size will be allowed, for example making your image 600 x 400 pixels would equally meet the requirement. Members should be careful not to abuse this by doing for example: 100 x 900 pixels, the image would then be far to short and wide for us to comfortably make out that all requirements are present to receive rewards.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Any digital art images submitted to the group to receive an activity roll should not contain a background made up of solely pre-made brushes. While brushes are allowed, the heavy use of brushes tends to make an image look rushed and can warrant for an image to be sent to corrections.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Transparent backgrounds do need to have the Felvargs actively interacting with the background. If it appears that the Felvarg is standing outside out of the background, it will not be rolled. If you are unsure what is good or what might be questionable, here is a link with examples. (Check back for visual examples)

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Rushed entries lacking small features such as toes or a mouth will be kicked back for corrections. It goes without saying but small features such as a nose or eyes should be present while drawing your Felvarg in a setting that returns rewards.

Activity Form Template

Icon White Wolf by Ulfrheim This form applies to every activity, including special activities! Please remember to include it in any work you submit, and provide it to anyone whose art you commission and wish to have submitted as an activity entry. Also note that “applicable bonus items” means that certain bonus items only work for certain activities and only those items should be listed. So, for example, do not list “handcrafted sword” for a fishing entry as it applies to tracking only, or do not list “pristine fishing pole” for an adventure entry. If you are unsure what can be used in what, check the items description.

Link to import/ID#:

Link to Tracker:


Additional Bonus Items: (Tack, Companions/Traits)

Activities Breakdown

Black Market Map by Ulfrheim


View the artwork and literature requirements here: The Bartering Post - Masterlist (Price Sheet)

The world of Ulfrheim is vast and full of wonders. Every Felvarg must from time to time leave home, whether it is to run an errand, achieve a goal, or simply explore out of the sheer joy of exploring. Regardless of whether the trek is great or not, any adventure brings with it the possibility of reward. You may depict your Felvarg alone or accompanied by others on an adventure and they may bring home a wide range of items, from trinkets to companions or even gear which will increase their chances of success on other outings.

Up to three Felvargs can participate in a each adventure submission.

Medium Hide by Ulfrheim

Tracking Large and Small Prey

View the artwork and literature requirements here: The Bartering Post - Masterlist (Price Sheet)

Although hunting is an everyday part of life simply because a Felvarg has to feed itself and its pack, food is not the only reason one learns to track. Pelts have great value in Ulfrheim and may be exchanged for Felcredits at the bartering post. Of course, no one simply wakes up and finds that they can bring down any beast they come across! A Felvarg must learn to track a variety of creatures over the course of its life in order to become skilled at the trade. There may well be failures if you depict your Felvarg hunting large or small prey, but keep at it and you will find it profitable indeed.

Up to three Felvargs can participate in a each tracking submission.

Prey depicted must be obtainable and at least 50% visible. Images with prey depicted that are not listed below will not receive rolls for small or large tracking.
Small Prey:

Fox, Raccoon, Possum, Rabbit, Sheep, Ram, Goat, Coyote, Deer
Large Prey:
Bear, Bison, Elk, Caribou, Moose

Tracking large prey and small prey are separate activities, so make sure to list either ‘small prey’ or ‘large prey’ on the activity form, as their rewards will not be the same. This also means that you may not depict large prey and small prey rewards/list the activity as “tracking small prey”, and vice versa. 

Rusty Tacklebox by Ulfrheim


View the artwork and literature requirements here: The Bartering Post - Masterlist (Price Sheet)

With so many bodies of water present in Ulfrheim, fishing is a popular trade. To be a skilled fisherman is considered honorable regardless of the catch, but certain fish do hold greater value when sold at the bartering post for Felcredits, and your Felvarg's efforts may be made easier by equipping certain tack items. Brave the wild sea or dive deep into crisp clear lake waters, perhaps even break through the ice in the dead of winter...depict your Felvarg fishing just about anywhere there is water to be found, and they'll be sure to make a catch in no time.

Up to three Felvargs can participate in a each fishing submission.

Fishing entries must depict any kind of fish/shark/prey that would be from water in order to be rolled. Entries must also include a body of water, whether it be a lake, stream, river, or pond, in order to be rolled.

Spiritmender's Satchel by Ulfrheim


View the artwork and literature requirements here: The Bartering Post - Masterlist (Price Sheet)

Imposing though they may be, jutting up so sharp and extending on beyond the clouds, the mountains of Ulfrheim are truly wonderful places. Felvargs brave enough to take on the potential dangers of mountain climbing may find great riches along and off the beaten path. Some even say that there are structures the likes of which can be found nowhere else hidden among the rocks, and who knows what secrets such things might hold? Even if the rumors are not true, surely the thought of seeing Ulfrheim from a bird's eye view is appealing; just imagine the stories your Felvarg will have to tell after venturing where so many are afraid to go. Depict your Felvarg exploring any of Ulfrheim's mountain locations and try your luck at conquering these giants of the land.

Up to three Felvargs can participate in a each mountaineering submission.

Images must be in a mountain setting/mountain side setting.

Amethyst by Ulfrheim


View the artwork and literature requirements here: The Bartering Post - Masterlist (Price Sheet)

Man-made artifacts are not the only relics a Felvarg can unearth. The land itself holds countless riches -- sparkling gems and ancient fossils, magic runes and shining metals. Most Felvargs do not know where to look for such things, but those more experienced with the ways of Ulfrheim may have a knack for finding some truly impressive (and valuable) things. Depict your Felvarg (assuming they are level 3 or higher) delving into or exploring the exterior of one of Ulfrheim's many caves. Are they afraid of the dark, confined spaces? Do they bravely trudge ahead into the unknown? 

Up to two Felvargs can participate in a each excavating submission.

 Entries must be in an inner/outer cave setting.

Stop! Felvargs must be level 3 to participate in excavating. The depths of Ulfrheim are far to dangerous otherwise.

Specialty Activities

Special activities are events that happen randomly within the group, these activities are not always available to partake in. Members should redirect to the groups front page and find the events column on the main skin. The event box will update when special activities are due to be opened.

Beast Hunting by Ulfrheim

Beast Hunting

Wild as it is, it is no surprise that Ulfrheim is home to many wild and powerful creatures. For the most part things are balanced, harmonious even...but occasionally a beast will make some trouble for Felvarg packs and they will post notices seeking aid. These so-called "beast hunts" are not for the faint of heart. They will often have more than one solution, but regardless, your Felvarg will need to keep their wits about them as they try to sort things out. You will have to depict your Felvarg either using their creativity or fighting a specific beast...and for the victorious, the rewards will be great.

Up to TWO Felvargs can participate in a single Beast Hunting submission. Only ONE of them may be owned by you.

Entries must fit the location or description that is provided with each hunt. This activity swaps places with Feral Recruiting, so either one or the other will be available for members to participate in.

Eye Mutation by Ulfrheim

Feral Recruiting

Not every Felvarg joins a pack straight away. Although being in one provides obvious benefits -- safety, security, and companionship to name a few -- some Vargs insist that the loner's life is for them. That is, up to a point. So-called Feral Felvargs might be persuaded to join you, so long as you prove yourself to them or offer them a deal they can't refuse. These individuals are occasionally dangerous, but for the most part they are simply characters with a lot of life under their belts already. Read up on their personalities and history and depict your Felvarg interacting with the Feral in some way. They may just end the day with a new friend!

Only ONE Felvarg can participate in a single Feral Recruiting submission.

Entries must fit the location that is provided with each feral. This activity swaps places with Beast Hunting, so either one or the other will be available for members to participate in.

Long Lost Treasures by Ulfrheim


View quest requirements in more detail here: Felvargs: Quest Details and Requirements!

Tests and tribulations are part of what makes any individual grow, and it's no different for a Felvarg. A new quest will be released on a bi-weekly basis, each with a special prompt meant to inspire art and character development for your Felvarg. These quests ask a bit more of you as an artist and writer, but the rewards are often far greater than what can be obtained through regular activities. Does your Felvarg seek to be remembered, or do they merely get swept up in scenario after scenario through chance? Will they be a hero or a villain? Quests allow for a good bit of variation, so be sure to depict your Felvarg's personality as you respond to the prompts.

Up to TWO Felvargs can participate in a single Quest submission and only ONE of them may be owned by you.

Entries must follow the criteria given that goes along with each quest.

Scar Kit: Large by Ulfrheim

Player vs. Player (Competitions)

Each competition has its own set of requirements, which must be carefully followed: You may read on them in more detail here.

A little competition always keeps things interesting. Test your stealth and strategies by going against other teams in
Capture the Flag. Take to the icy shores and see whose Fel can prove themselves most capable in a high-stakes Seal Hunting. Race across varied obstacles and environments to determine who in Ulfrheim is the most fleet of foot in Marathons. If you’re looking for a more physical challenge to test your strength, you can go tooth and claw in Player vs. Player, or otherwise known as 1v1. Competitions give you the chance to receive unique and exciting prizes, but they also provide the opportunity to engage with other players in a way you might not normally, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.


Ulfrheim is a peaceful but something has began to shake the island to its roots. An unknown band of massive Felvargs emerged out of seemingly nowhere, with a fierce savage as their leader. They have been seen wreaking havoc in almost every part of Ulfrheim and it looks like there is no end to it in sight- Even the land has fallen under its storm. Freyja herself has come forward, seeking help from your Felvarg in order to help vanquish this evil from the land for good. Depict your Felvarg completing the various tasks and missions she sends in on in order to save the homeland from terror and destruction.

Only ONE Felvarg may participate in this activity per image, unless they have the expeditionary trait.

Each chapter of this activity requires its own set of requirements and its own activity form, so be sure to read them and the rest of this exciting event in detail below. Also, note that this event does not have a closing date, so you may enter and complete it at any given time! The rewards given are definitely more than worth it<:

[Expedition] Ragnarok: The Siege of Ulfrheim

Visible Percentages Guide

% by Ulfrheim

Simple? Or Complex?

Understanding the difference between a simple and a complex background can sometimes be stressful or even confusing. The last thing we want is for your activities to be sent to corrections -- the following are some visual examples of what is meant.

Simple Vs Complex 1 by Ulfrheim

Complex 2 by Ulfrheim

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim What defines a simple background?

A simple background consists of minimal to no shading, along with flat and solid objects. Simple backgrounds have basic, undetailed shapes that are simple placeholders for where detail should be. However, there is such a thing as too simple. Some amount of effort should be put into any background -- after all, you will be receiving rewards for completing your piece! You cannot simply use a bucket fill with a flat horizontal line to make ground and sky and call it a day. Even simple backgrounds should feature focus points (trees, rocks, water, or statues, for example) and it should still be clear at a glance what kind of setting your Felvarg is in. It should also be clear where the ground and sky begins. Random unidentifiable blobs will not be acceptable! 

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim What defines a complex background?

A complex background has depth, shading, and detail across a large portion of the piece. It is obvious at a glance that the background received careful attention, and that effort was put into it. It does not need to be a masterpiece, and art is only ever compared to your own gallery. However, you should try to provide a sense of distance in your work, and add textures to things like trees, ground, and rocks.

When might something be “too simple” to be rolled?

Images that lack:

Shading, variations in color (usually are only a ground and sky), depth, or small details (such as rocks, trees, flowers) and are solid in appearance.

too simple.png

Or images that appear to be rushed will be sent back to corrections. While we understand that drawing backgrounds can be a hassle, we want them to result in beautiful images of your favorite Felvargs.

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