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Quest is a special biweekly event that offers those who participate a chance to obtain extremely rare loot. The quest prompt will be updated every two weeks, with each update featuring a new Ulfrheim location alongside a description of a setting and task. The tasks and rewards will both vary by week, but all quests offer at least an adventure roll alongside the other prizes.

All quest entries should be submitted to the quest folder in the group's gallery.

Please read through the following guide carefully, and comment below if you have any questions.

Ever wonder which items effect quests?

There are items that can apply bonuses to the Long Lost Treasures obtained through questing. These items are:

  THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Pristine Pickaxe - +5% increased rarity when opening chests from questing.
  THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Raccoon Kit - Increase the rarity of the items located in chests received while questing by 5%.
  THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Hedgehog - Increase the rarity of the items located in chests received while questing by 5%.

No other items or companions will effect quests, as they are not able to fail and have predetermined items given.

Quest Requirements:

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Quest entries must be completed and uploaded prior to the deadline. As long as they are uploaded beforehand, they may be submitted to the group's quest folder at any point without penalty. Entries uploaded to deviantart even one day after the deadline will not qualify for rewards.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Quest entries may be commissioned/collaborated so long as they meet the artwork or literature requirements.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Quest entries must be of at least equal quality to the other work in your deviantart gallery. We encourage you to put forth effort to receive these special rewards.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Only TWO Felvargs can participate in any given quest, and members can only enter a single time. This means that you cannot picture two of your own Felvargs in the quest and receive rewards for both. A second Felvarg of your own may, however, be included for EXP or plot reasons.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim If the entry depicts more than one person's Felvargs, the activity form for each varg must be included in the work's description. The entry itself should only be submitted to the group one time.
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Quest entries can only depict lore related characters, meaning all other species cannot be shown within it.


Make sure to include the following information in the deviation description. Failure to include this on an quest will result in the submission being sent to corrections:

Link to import/ID#:

Link to Tracker:

Activity: Quest

Additional Bonus Items: (Tack/Companions/Traits)

Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Digital/Traditional Artwork

  • The image must be lined, colored/shaded and have a complex background. Detailed painterly work will also be accepted.
  • Images must be full body and visibly show 75% of the Felvarg(s).
  • Each entry must be relevant to the listed location for a given prompt.
  • Entries must be relevant to the prompt for each quest. Be sure to pay attention to the setting and tasks outlined in the quest description.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Literature Entries

  • The story must be at least 1,200 words in length. We recommend using this program to check your word count:
  • The story must focus on the task at hand and the Felvargs receiving activity rolls must be extremely relevant to/active in the story. Each Felvarg must be mentioned fluidly and reasonably often.
  • Each entry must be relevant to the listed location for a given prompt.
  • Entries must be relevant to the prompt for each quest. Be sure to pay attention to the setting and tasks outlined in the quest description.


:bulletgreen:03/16/2018 - 03/29/2018:bulletgreen:


Sometimes you just need a break, to take a step back and truly appreciate the world as it is. With all that had been happening around the island so far, it seems about time for a breather. As the sun rises and warms the earth around you, a sudden desire floods you. You want to see it, all of it, all of Ulfrheim at once. There is only one place that one can do this, at the highest peek of Fenrir's Incisor. So you make the dangerous climb, a soft breeze ruffling your fur as you make it to the very tip top of the mountain. As you look down, the whole world expands before your very eyes. You can see every inch of the island, Hongerige raging beyond Ulfrheim's boundaries, the dip in the earth that makes up the Vale of Whispers. Each of the Villages appear to be small specks, so far down below you. All at once you are overwhelmed with emotions, a flood of pride filling your chest as you gaze fondly at the place you call home. Up here at the very top of the highest mountain is the only way to truly see it in all of its splendor, free of snow, fresh blooming flowers perfuming the air.

Depict your Felvarg at the top of Fenrir's Incisor, looking down at the island below them. What do they see? How do they feel about what they are viewing?

Location: Fenrir's Incisor

Reward: 1x Long Lost Treasures, 50% Trait: Explorer, 25% Rune of Passion, 1,000 FC


:bulletred:03/01/2018 - 03/15/2018:bulletred:


With the snow rapidly melting away, the lands of Ulfrheim are once again starting to return to normal. The warmth has returned, the sun trying desperately to make up for lost time.It was a welcome surprised for all of the creatures on the island. After a long day helping Freyja prepare for spring, the mix of exhaustion and the warm sun hit you hard. A much deserved nap was in order, so you head over to the Shrine of Ragnarok to catch some z's. But as you turn to leave, Freyja tells you to listen well to the whispers in the land, saying that they will show you the way to your destiny. You can only blink at the goddess, confused by her twisting words. You wish to question her, but she has already started to walk way. Shrugging it off, you make your way to your favorite napping spot. Once there, it doesn't take long for you to fall asleep, feeling at peace for the first time in awhile. But just as soon as you close your eyes, they open once more. You're not sure if you're dreaming or not, but a blue orb of light twists and bends before you. Curious, you rise up and make your way towards it, but as you're about to reach out, it disappears with a soft whisper. With Freyja's words in your mind, you follow the soft sound. The wisp figure pops up again, and this time you know to follow it. But what is it leading you towards?

Depict your Felvarg following the wisp across the Shrine of Ragnarok, or show what it was leading you towards. What is your Felvarg's destiny? What does the wisp show them? Is it a dream... or reality?

Location: Shrine of Ragnarok

Reward:1x Long Lost Treasures, 1,000 FC, 50% to find Title: The Undying.

:bulletred:02/15/2018 - 02/28/2018:bulletred:


With the snow melting away and all the lovely dovey events going on on the island, it's easy to forget one thing; yourself. It's important to remember what's important to you, and things that you like to do yourself! And above all, we all have those one things that we love the most. So there's the question everyone is after, what do you love the most? Is it a good stroll in a crystal clear lake, perhaps a nice juicy meal at the end of a long day? No matter what it may be, it's imperative to spend some time doing or enjoying just that.

Depict your Felvarg enjoying something that means the most to them. It could be another felvarg, hunting, anything that matters a lot to your felvarg

Location: Any Canon Location

Reward:1x Long Lost Treasures, Unlock a fourth Impromptu Valentine's Day prompt, 50% chance to find Lovebirds.

:bulletred:01/31/2018 - 02/14/2018:bulletred:


Uhma had finally gotten all the roses that she needed, scuttling back into the heart of the mountain to quell the blizzard. You had just dropped off your roses in the ever growing pile, and turned around to head home. But when the earth began to shake once more, you paused and stood in the snow. With a mighty howl the blizzard stopped, snow nearly stopping in its tracks as the storm came to a sudden stop. You let out a breath of relief; however it wasn't over yet. Just as soon as the storm had ended, the world went dark. It was like someone had covered your eyes, the darkness was sudden and nearly as blinding as a flare of light. The island fell into a silent hush, no one daring to even move. Your heart pounded quickly in your chest, did you die? Had the earth ended? But no, a speck of light emerged from the mountains, coming towards you. Transfixed you watch as Uhma makes her way over to you, holding out the lantern with a sullen look on her face. "Find your way home. All will be good in the morning." She promised before turning back and disappearing, leaving you in the darkness of the world with a small, flickering lantern.

Depict your Felvarg trying to make their way home in the darkness with their lantern or interacting with Uhma in the darkness. Are they able to make it home? Do they get stuck? How do they react to the sudden darkness?

Location: Any Canon Location

Reward:1x Long Lost Treasures, 
x1 Lantern, 25% chance to obtain a randomly rolled alpha slot.

:bulletred:01/16/2018 - 01/30/2018:bulletred:


It's not often that strange creatures pass through the island of Ulfrheim, so when they do it's something that everyone hears about. For the first time in years, glowing jellyfish have started to migrate across the ocean that surrounds Ulfrheim. The last time they were seen was at least 300 years ago, everyone had thought that they had gone extinct. But this year, the gentle glow of the jellies has started to colour the ocean once more. Felvargs flock from all over to watch the odd creatures pass, wondering what it is about them that makes them literally glow. In awe and stunned silence, you watch them glide through the waters, which were thankfully calm enough for you to see each individual jellyfish. For such simple critters, they sure were beautiful. Working your way to the shore of the ocean, you feel the urge to run in and swim with the beautiful jellies. But one quick look at their stingers remind you of why that's a bad idea.

Depict your Felvarg watching or investigating the jellyfish in some way. Do they get a little too close and get stung? Or are they just stunned by the simple beauty of these creatures? At least onejellyfish must be fully visable.

Location: Hongerige

Reward:1x Long Lost Treasures,3,000 Felcredits, x2 Iced Lily.

:bulletred:12/31/2017 - 01/14/2018:bulletred:


As the festivites come to a close, everything around the island starts to calm down at last. There is, however, one last thing to celebrate. The end of the year is coming up fast, a new one just on the horizon. On the final day of the year, everyone starts to gather along the edges of the island, settling down with their loved ones as they wait for the first day of the new year to start. Everyone sits in silence as the first hints of dawn start to touch the horizon, a soft glow bursting where the sea and sky met. Ever so slowly the sun makes itself known, marking the first hours of the brand new year. All at once everyone is on their paws, cheering as they move from one year to the next. Some share their first cuddle with their partner, while others welcome it with their song. How do you say hello to the new year? Depict your Felvarg welcoming the brand new year. Do they share their first kiss of the year, or tip back their head and sing to the heavens? Location: Any bordering lands of Ulfrhiem. (Must be along the edges of the island/on a mountain.) Reward:1x Long Lost Treasures, Rune of Experience, 10% chance to find Trait: Dayrunner.

:bulletred:12/16/2017 - 12/30/2017:bulletred:


This time of year is all about giving, about sharing times with your friends and family, coming together and sharing your home. But what about those that are no longer with us?Through the years, many Felvargs have met their end on the usually peaceful island. It is now time to relfect on all of that, to think on what some Felvargs had to go through just so that you could celebrate this special time. On the eve of the festival, you slip away and make your way to the Shrine of Ragnarok, passing the many statues that still stood tall. In your mouth is a gift, and a little treat to go along with it. Resting at the base of one of the many statues, you stay and share this moment with those that have been lost, those that made this very day possible. Soon, other Felvarg's join you, bringing candles and food, both for them and to leave at the paws of the statues. You look up from your own, seeing many Felvargs coming to do the same. It warms your heart more than anything else. This is the best gift that you, or anyone on the island, could have asked for.

Depict your Felvarg at the foot of one of the statues, sharing their food or leaving their gift for those that made tonight possible. Are they joined by their friend? Are they somber, or joyful during this occasion?

Location: Shrine of Ragnarok

Reward:1x Long Lost Treasures, x3 Coal, 50% to find Title: The Lightseeker.

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